About Funky Bop!


We are a Funko Pop Mystery Box company that pride ourselves in delivering a unique, one of a kind service to our customers that not only provide an amazing unboxing experience but one that will give you free shipping and valued Pops at a discount price!

We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina and started off in 2019 as a eBay store providing just one variant of mystery boxes. Our feedback was so amazing that we just had to start our own platform and take this on as a serious business that could change the game of mystery boxes forever.

We are strictly a e-commerce business but are looking into brick and mortar location soon. In addition to our Mystery Boxes, we will stock our online store with a bunch of cool, rare and exclusive Funko Pops. 

Our objective is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and encourage all customers to shout out and hashtag what pops you get so we can spread the word about how cool Funky Bops is! We are a small business that want to take things to the next level and compete with the top tier collectible companies that often Funko Pop endorses, so your help in spreading the word is important to our growth.


Owner & Operations

Whatnot Auctioneer/Mascot/Rock Star/80s Icon

Accountant/Order Packer/Website Admin/Social Media