Funky Bop PSYCHEDELIC Mystery Box - 2.3
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Funky Bop PSYCHEDELIC Mystery Box - 2.3

Regular price $125.00 $0.00 Unit price per

Total Boxes: 20
Price Per Box: $125 + Shipping
Value Per Box: $130 - $700 PPG at time of packaging - 02/2/2023
Box Conditions: 7.5/9.5 out of 10
Box Selection: Yes, you will select a box number
Purchase Limits:  No Limits
Pop Duplicates: No
Total Chance to Hit Featured Grails: 5%

JACKPOT - 5% Chance to Hit (1 out of 20 Boxes)

🥇 $700 Value 📈 TOP PRIZE (The Beatles OG Funko Pops Complete Authentic Bundle - Paul McCartney (Yellow Submarine), John Lennon (Yellow Submarine)George Harrison (Yellow Submarine) & Ringo Starr (Yellow Submarine)

*Redeemable Ticket will be pulled to show proof of winnings. If you win the redemption ticket, you must reach out to or on Instagram at FUNKY_BOP and be open for us to shout you out on our social media! Don’t be shy! 🤑

OTHER PRIZES: Three to Four Pops per Box. Will receive at least one pop pictured below plus 2-3 other Funko Pops. Large sized pops will include a redemption ticket. This is to keep each box uniformed and unbiased to maintain mystery integrity. 

Value Calculator: Pop Price Guide & eBay Medians at time of packaging
Shipped: 2-3 Business Day after SELLING OUT
Returns/Exchanges: No

**Please note, before you purchase one of our Funky Bop Mystery boxes, please understand that there are risks involved and you may not get something that you want or collect. No Refunds! We want to be very upfront about this!**