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Funky Bop: Pop Shop

Funky Bop STICK ‘EM UP Mystery Box - 1.6

Funky Bop STICK ‘EM UP Mystery Box - 1.6

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Total Boxes: 75
Price Per Box: $19 + Shipping (Spend over $100 for Free Shipping!)
Value Per Box: $19 - $970 PPG at time of packaging - 01/05/2023
Box Conditions: 7.5/9.5 out of 10
Box Selection: All Pops are prepackaged in Sorters (No Mystery Box Slips)
Pop Duplicates: Possible with multiple purchases

GRAND PRIZES - 4% Chance to Hit

🥇 $970 PPG TOP PRIZE - 1.33% Chance to Hit
The Joker Bank Robber (2013 First Release) Vaulted Funko Pop • Redeemable Ticket will be pulled

🥈 $185 PPG SECOND PRIZE - 1.33% Chance to Hit
Br'er Rabbit / Br'er Fox / Br'er Bear (Disney Park Exclusive) 3-Pack • Redeemable Ticket will be pulled

 💳 $200 Gift Card - $1.33% Chance to Hit
A gift card to use at for anything you want anytime you want!

MINI GRAILS - 14.66% Chance to Hit
1X Enmu (2022 San Diego Comic Con) - $105 value
1X Muichiro Tokito (2022 FunKon Limited Edition) - $75
3X Cheshire Cat (Standing on Head | Glow | Flocked)(PIAB Exclusive) - $55 value
2X Venom (Winged) (Glow in the Dark)(PIAB Exclusive) - $70 value
1X The Grady Twins (Popcultcha Exclusive) - $55 value
1X Ichigo (Chase) - $55 value
1X Vegeta (Galick Gun) (Metallic) - $55 value
1X Venom (Leaping) - $45 value

Value Calculator: Pop Price Guide & eBay Medians at time of packaging

**Please note that you are not guaranteed to receive any of the Pops pictured and listed. The Pops pictured and listed are featured items you could receive in your box.**

Shipped: 2-3 Business Day after SELLING OUT
Returns/Exchanges: No


**Please note, before you purchase one of our Funky Bop Mystery boxes, please understand that there are risks involved and you may not get something that you want or collect. No Refunds! We want to be very upfront about this!**




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