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Funky Bop: Pop Shop

Funky Bop THUNDER Mystery Box - 2.3

Funky Bop THUNDER Mystery Box - 2.3

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Each box is $79.99 plus shipping. 

Each box is $80 guaranteed PPG value (2/1/2024) and 3 Random Funko Pops will be in each prepackaged box with our special Funky Bop Mystery Box packaging on each pop with pop protectors. 
Boxes are on a first come first serve basis with only 50 in stock. 

TOP PRIZES ($3,200 in total value):

Brook (2018 New York Comic Con Exclusive) - $1,520 PPG

Harvey Dent (999 PCS) (Droppp! NFT Exclusive) - $460 PPG

Beast Titan (Hot Topic Exclusive) (Autographed by Jason Kiebrecht) - $270 PPG

Future Trunks (Chase) (Hot Topic Exclusive) - $250 PPG

Vegeta Galick Gun (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive) (Autographed by Chris Sabot with COA) - $160 PPG

Sam #57 - $110 PPG
Ken Kaneki (Glow in the Dark) (Special Edition) - $105 PPG
L (Death Note) - $100 PPG
Shonobu Kocho (Funko Shop Exclusive) - $80 PPG
Selena Kyle (1900 PCS) (Droppp! NFT Exclusive) - $80 PPG
Shinra (Glow in the Dark) (Boxlunch Exclusive) - $80 PPG
Lydia Deetz (Hot Topic Exclusive) - $70 PPG 

100% to receive - 3 Funko Pops of any variety that equate $60 Pop Price Guide value + at least 1 Funko Pop shown in the picture
24% to receive - Any of the listed Funko Pops Above
10% to receive - 5 GRAND PRIZES - Brook (2018 New York Comic Con Exclusive) - $1,520 PPG, Harvey Dent (999 PCS) (Droppp! NFT Exclusive) - $460 PPG, Beast Titan (Hot Topic Exclusive) (Autographed by Jason Kiebrecht) - $270 PPG, Future Trunks (Chase) (Hot Topic Exclusive) - $250 PPG, Vegeta Galick Gun (Chalice Collectibles Exclusive) (Autographed by Chris Sabot with COA) - $160 PPG

FOUR BOXES PER HOUSEHOLD. Any abuse of this will result in a cancellation of any excess or potentially, ALL of your orders. 

We would love to have minty fresh boxes, however sometimes we cannot deliver every time due to transits. We purchase most of our boxes mint but more vaulted/grail pops may be a condition grade of 7.5 through mint.

If you purchase more than one mystery box, its NOT LIKELY that you will receive a duplicate. Please refer to specific drop information for more details. 

Will ship on Wednesday, Feb 7th. Package insurance is included for free with every box via UPS or USPS. 

We offer Route Package Protection Services with every single order you purchase. As an additional service, Route protects your packages from being damaged, lost or stolen without any of the back and forth bull crap that you may get with USPS/UPS. We strongly recommend keeping this service in your cart to help against these issues.

For more information please visit:

Each and every Funko Pop will be protected with 0.5mm Premium-Scratch Proof Diamond Guard Pop Protectors with bubblewrap. Plus, appropriate smash proof and resiliant boxes that can withstand normal transit wear and tear. 

Please visit for more information

Diamond Guard

No returns or exchanges.

 When purchasing our mystery boxes, please understand you are not guaranteed any of the top prizes no matter how many boxes you purchase now or over time. Purchasing more than one mystery box does increase your chances of winning but top prizes are received by chance and chance alone and can be won by anyone. In order to provide some of the best grails out there and to offset costs, we have to include some less desired Funko Pops in the boxes, that means you may (more than likely) to receive something that you don't want, collect or may be for sale through other retailers. If this is something you are not comfortable with, we advise you not to purchase mystery boxes. By purchasing our mystery boxes, you understand these terms and conditions. 

If gambling has become a problem for you or for someone you know, please call 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537) to seek free, confidential, 24/7 problem gambling assistance.

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