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Funky Bop: Pop Shop

The Original Funky Bop Mystery Box

The Original Funky Bop Mystery Box

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Total Boxes: 500
Price Per Box: $12 + Shipping
Value Per Box: $10 - $300 PPG (at time of packing 12/10)
Total Pops Per Box: 1 Funko Pops Per Box (Grails, Vaulted, Exclusives, Convention and Commons)
Box Conditions: 7.5/9.5 out of 10
Box Selection: Mystery Boxes are pre built with special “BETA” Mystery Box Slips (as pictured) to conceal front and back of pops. Sides of box will be exposed.

Grand Prizes -

🥇 $250 PPG TOP PRIZE - Anti-Venom (Glow in the Dark) (Boxlunch Exclusive)

🥈 $240 PPG SECOND PRIZE - Snake Plissken (2020 New York Comic Con Exclusive)

🥉 $50-$100 PPG THIRD PRIZE - 2X Agent Anti-Venom (Chase), 8X Cheshire Cat (Chase), 6X Tommy (Green Ranger), 6X Winged Venom (Chase), 3X Mr. Burn (Chase), Venom (Collectors Corps), Mucharo (FunKon Exclusive), 6X Spider-Girl (Chase) 

Value Calculator: Pop Price Guide & eBay Medians
Shipped: Tuesday and Thursday in waves until sold out
Returns/Exchanges: No

**Please note, before you purchase one of our Funky Bop Mystery boxes, please understand that there are risks involved and you may not get something that you want or collect. No Refunds! We want to be very upfront about this!**


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